IWI-Vortrag zum North American Productivity Workshop (Houston, USA): “Eco-efficiency and eco-productivity change over time in a multisectoral economic system”

Dr. Bernhard Mahlberg (IWI) referiert im Rahmen des North American Productivity Workshop vor einem prominenten internationalen Publikum zu Teilaspekten seines aktuellen Forschungsprojekts “Efficiency change over time in a multisectoral economic system”.


In the literature two approaches of productivity and efficiency analysis can be found, namely the neoclassical approach and the frontier approach. Neoclassical analysis weights inputs by value shares, a procedure that requires data on factor input shares or prices. The frontier approach can be implemented in different techniques known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Free Disposal Hall (FDH). The neoclassical approach imputes productivity growth to factors, but cannot distinguish a movement towards the frontier and a movement of the frontier. The frontier approach allows decomposing productivity growth into a movement of the economy towards the efficiency frontier and a shift of the latter. The primary research question is how this frontier approach is related to the neoclassical growth accounting according to Debreu (1951) and ten Raa (1995, 2005). The starting point is the approach by Luptáčik and Böhm (2007) which will be contrasted with the study by ten Raa (2002).

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